Affiliate Programs

What you need to know about Affiliates in and outside of the UK

New to a casino and you are wondering what affiliates mean? Simply put, members are part of a larger picture. They are a link that directs and connect. Indeed, affiliate marketing is widespread. Likewise, the principle is the same even as it relates to online gambling. Affiliates play a very crucial role in online gambling. With so many casinos out there, it is difficult for players to chose. So, it is the job of these affiliates to do everything legally possible to get players to sign up in the online casinos for which they are marketing. To pull this off, branches create unique links that connect players to their preferred casinos. These links are compared to the casinos which they are marketing. In return, the casino ensures that the affiliate receives the agreed commission.

How it works

The first step is that the affiliate applies to the casino to become an affiliate. Once accepted, the casino issues a unique link to the affiliate. That way, they can easily track all the signups that come through the link. The link also helps them to easily award their affiliates their commissions. The affiliates use different platforms to encourage people to sign up with their affiliate links. Some platforms they use include social media like Facebook pages and ads, Twitter, Instagram, websites or one on one conversation. Sometimes, people prefer registering through affiliates because of the goody bag that comes with the sign-up.  In the end,  It’s a win-win for both the casino and the affiliate marketers.

How casinos pay their affiliates

Each casino offer commissions to their affiliates based on different models. There are lots of payment models out there. So, it is safer to take a look at the payment structure and chose what’s best for you.  So far, let’s take a look at the common payment models:

  • Revenue Share: This one is a very common approach. Many online casinos offer commissions to their affiliates based on performance. Usually, the offer also varies among different platforms. So, take a look at the offer and see if it is good enough.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): This model is not very common. However, it is available on request. Basically, the affiliate can request for a one-time payment and that’s it. Just like the revenue share option, the offer also varies from one platform to the other.

How to choose the right affiliate program

Choosing the right affiliate program is very difficult. Well, that depends on what you want. So, you need to know how to pick out the right affiliate program that will pay off after investing time and efforts to attract traffic to a casino.  Good affiliate commission is directly proportional to a profitable casino. If a casino is doing well profit-wise then they will give a good commission. Check the performance of the casino in previous and compare it to their projected performance, it will guide you.

The next factor to check before you choose an affiliate program is how credible a casino is. You don’t want to sign up for an affiliate program and find out later that the casino is fraudulent; it will affect your reputation as a marketer and as an individual. You can also check the kind of payment methods they offer to see if it suits you

best casino sitesClosing Thoughts

Online casinos rely on the success of their affiliates because more traffic and signups mean more money and as was said earlier it’s mutually beneficial for both the casino and the affiliates. Nevertheless, never hesitate to do adequate research before you venture into an affiliate program.


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