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35% seems like a good deal especially when you also get to be a hero. Certainly, Hero Affiliates is one of the top affiliate programs in the world of online gambling. Their commissions are similar to what you can get from other programs. Even more, they stick with the multiple-tier program. This means that you earn rewards depending on your performance. At present, 35% is the best offer that you can get. However, when you are not at your best, the commission drops to 20% which is also a good deal even when your performance is low. Also, Hero Affiliates has a few online casino brands to their name. Most notably is Casino Heroes. Certainly, Casino Heroes is a cool place that offers quality entertainment. Surely, it’s going to be easy to market the brand and earn your commission. Other brands include Speedy Casino and Speedy Bet.

hero-affiliates-brandsMonthly Revenue Share at Hero Affiliates

Even at 35%, Hero Affiliates ranks among the most rewarding affiliate programs. Every month, Hero Affiliates do their math and pay commission on the net revenue to the affiliate. Talking about net revenue, it’s quite different from revenue. In this case, Hero Affiliate will only pay a certain percentage of the deposit bonus that excludes the total loss; bonuses and administrative charges. Here’s a breakdown of the offer:

  • 20% commission on net revenue of €0 to €10,000
  • When the net revenue moves from €10,001 to €20,000, the commission increases to 25%
  • Earn 30% commission when the net revenue is between €20,001 to €30,000
  • The final offer of 35% is for all net revenue above €30,000

Sub-Affiliation System

They offer an affiliate system whereby an affiliate can register another affiliate; the affiliate will earn a percentage when his sub-affiliate earns. You can always work out a good deal by contacting the support team.

Payment options at Hero Affiliates

The minimum payment limit is €100. So, you can always request for payment anytime via any of the following banking options:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer

Certainly, this is conventional. As well, affiliates will receive their payments in the first week of each month. So, if your earned commission does not reach the minimum of €100 during the first week, you will have to wait until the next month.

No Negative Carryover

No negative carryover from month to month (being unlucky with referring anyone in a month will not affect your commissions for the following month. There is o better deal than one that offers you an opportunity for a fresh start.

Excellent Customer Support

Hero Affiliates treats every affiliate like a hero. They maintain a cool relationship which makes it easier to deal on the platform. Affiliates can get in touch via mail. S far, they are always there to offer any assistance at the right time.

best casino sitesFinal Thoughts about Hero Affiliates

Hero Affiliates are quite credible in the sense that they use software called NetRefer to track the statistics and sign-ups from their affiliates. Be rest assured that you will get commissions when due as Hero Affiliates understands fully the place of affiliates in the success of their brands.

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