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Welcome to one of the leading casino affiliate programs in the world. Certainly, Split Aces Affiliates fits into this category. Split Aces Affiliate uses Income Access software to ensure a smooth operation for all affiliates. Without any doubt, this is one of the most backend software in the industry. Even more, Spin Aces Affiliates also utilises the expertise of the best game developers. Certainly, this is obvious in the quality of games on display at Split Aces Casino. Recently, Split Aces Affiliates have extended their tentacles by setting up another brand in 2019. Hence, making money just got better as partners can enjoy huge revenues from Split Aces Casino and the most recent Spin Up Casino. Furthermore, Split Aces Affiliates offers one of the best commissions in the industry. However, the fact that they only have a license from the government of Curacao calls for serious concerns.


Split Aces Affiliates understands that your commissions are significant. Hence, they offer more than just promotions, and they offer what you want. Hence, the commission package at Split Aces Affiliates includes:

  • Revenue Share
  • Tenancy
  • Hybrid Deal
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Certainly, if you are a new player in the game, you need to know each of these terms before you sign up for a commission plan. However, the good part is that Split Aces Affiliates offer you the chance to get the best deals for yourself. Just like many other affiliate programs, they offer every new affiliate member 50% revenue commission for the first three months. This is enough to spin you up before enjoy other commission plans. Split Aces Affiliates offers a fixed commission of 30% to all affiliate members. Seems like a good deal. However, the offer might drop to 25% if the affiliate does not refer to a new member within three months. Finally, this is about all that Spin Aces Affiliates offers. However, affiliates are open to some cool deals.

Terms and conditions

It is vital that all new affiliates visit this section before joining the affiliate program. Split Aces Affiliates takes time to explain some of the key terms to partners. Some of these terms include:

  • Affiliates must send a written notice to Split Aces Affiliates in any case where the amount payable does not tally with your expected earnings. This must be done before the payment is released. That’s because there is no going back once the refund is issued. However, in any case of an overpayment, Split Aces Affiliates reserves the right to reclaim the money.
  • Payment requests for a previous month will be processed on the 12th or 22nd day of the next month from which the revenue was generated. During this period, the payment can be held even longer if there is any suspicion of fraud.
  • In the case of an overpayment, the affiliate has a period of 180 days to respond. During this period, the account will be frozen. Failure to respond shall lead to the report being closed and funds removed.

Final thoughts

Certainly, the offer from Split Aces Affiliates is a good one. Likewise, their brands are quite marketable. Hence, Split Aces Affiliates offer you a great chance to get the best of affiliate marketing. Find all the best casino sites by keep coming back for the latest promotions and reviews.

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