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Bethard Group

From day one, the door or opportunities open to any affiliate of Bethard Group. Certainly, arming yourself with the right information about affiliate programs always come in handy when you want to join one. Likewise, this affiliate manager has so much to offer its members. Bethard Group is an affiliate group with multiple payment methods and low payout threshold as little as €100. They employ some of the best-advanced tools. Hence, it is so much easy to promote any of the brands that are offered by this affiliate manager. As expected, they offer some of the best online casino brands in the industry. Most notably is the famous Bethard casino. Certainly, Bethard casino will be accessible to the market. Other new brands include Betive Casino and Sverige Casino. These brands offer so much quality. They employ the best software providers and services that create a premium experience for users.

No negative carryover on Bethard Group

Usually, I always love this feature in any affiliate program. Of course, we expect everything to be rosy. However, it is not still the case. So, when things do not go as you have planned, Bethard Group allows you to start on a new slate at the beginning of every new month. So, don’t let that poor outing bother you. Instead, think about a way out to get improved performance in the next month. All of the companies brands are at the top of the genre of mobile casinos.

Payment methods and Payout threshold

The first ten days is for payment. So, if you can meet the minimum payment threshold of €100, then you are eligible to request a refund. Unfortunately, if you are €1 away from €100, you will have to wait until the next month. Bethard Group has multiple payment methods in the form of card and e-wallets. The cards include Visa, Paysafecard,  MasterCard, and the e-wallets include Trustify, Neteller, Skrill. Indeed, that’s a lot of options. This is not very common among affiliates, so that’s a plus for Bethard Group. Each branch must meet the minimum requirement activity before they can receive payments. Also, all payments are made in Euros. Likewise, any other currency might attract exchange charges.

Commissions offered by Bethard Group

What you get as a commission depends on you. Typically, it depends on the net revenue on each player that joined the casino though you. Bethard group has no CPA or other payment options which restricts them to only revenue shares. So far, the commission is as follows:

  • 25% for revenues between €1 to €5000
  • 30% for revenues above €5001
  • 35% when your net income exceeds €15001
  • When your net revenue exceeds €30001, you get 40%
  • The final offer is 50% when your net revenue exceeds €500001

Also, there is no sub affiliation system which allows an affiliate to make an extra percentage of money from signing up new branches under them. Also, a 28% admin fee is taken from commissions earned by each of the members.


Another major drawback of Bethard Group is the unfavourable un-tagging principle. Well, you can’t blame Bethard Group for un-tagging. If you cannot get a minimum of €50 within three months, then you are not serving any purpose. Likewise, if that figure does not reach €100 in 6 months, you’ll be untagged as well. Un-tagging means that if a player registered under an affiliate does not make up to €50 net revenue within three months, he or she will be removed from that affiliate’s account.

best casino sites 2019Closing thoughts about Bethard Group

50% is one of the best deals that you can get. Even more, there are lots of other perks. Hence, Bethard Group is no doubt a good choice.

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