Overview of the UKGC

Many say that the UKGC is one of the best. Others say that the UKGC is strict and enforces all license holders to comply with the rules. However, it is one thing to have strict regulations and another to implement. It is no longer news that they do not play a part in resolving issues that concerns players’ complaints. Well, this and a few other matters are the setbacks of having a gambling license from the UKGC. However, many of the other good things that you have heard about the UKGC are most likely correct. The UKGC is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. It is the sole body in the UK that is responsible for issuing licenses to anyone who wishes to do gambling-related business within the shores of the UK. Certainly, the UK has a vast market. So, if you want to benefit then the UKGC is your password.

The objectives of the UKGC

The commission aims to regulate all gambling-related activities in the UK. This includes activities that involve a fixed outcome; events that require the use of a random number generator and any other related activities. Hence, it is impossible to legally operate an online casino or sports betting business in the UK without having the license. So, if you want to enjoy the massive population of gamblers from the UK, this license is not optional. Yes, the UK is one market that you don’t want to lose. An overview of their objectives is as follows:

  • The protection of the interest of all participants in the national lottery is a top priority
  • The participation of vulnerable persons and children is a criminal offence. Hence the UKGC is out to protect such persons
  • To prevent the use of gambling platforms for illegal activities such as money laundering
  • To ensure that all gambling-related activities are performed in a fair and responsible manner.

Classes of a license issued by the UKGC

There are several types of permits issued by this gambling commission. So, your choice should depend on what you want to do. The classes of license are summarised as follows:

Sadly, you have to get a separate license for each venture. This is unlike many other bodies that offer a master license.

Popularity and Reputation

Somehow, the UKGC is very popular. This could be because the commission overseas all gambling-related activities in the UK. Also, they have a strong reputation for maintaining high values in line with their set objectives. However, they do not participate in resolving issues of player complaints. So, when issues arise, a third party is usually allowed to handle it. This is tricky. However, you need that license to do any business in the UK.

best casino sitesConclusion

The fact that the UKGC does not involve itself in resolving issues is not lovely. This is why many of the online casinos that have the license also integrate a second license that would handle these issues.


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