Hanzo’s Dojo Slot

Hanzos Dojo Slot

The battle is for the strong. For the fearless. For the fierce. Do you have what it takes? Then step into the Land of the Rising Sun in Hanzo’s Dojo and prove your worth. All the latest best slots casino sites 2019 can be found here.

Hanzo’s Dojo, the mobile-first slot game provided by the creative Yggdrasil takes warriors to the land of martial arts where they are meant to impress the Dojo’s sensei, Hattori Hanzo, with the two kinds of free spins and Expanding Wild’s, and prove their worth as the greatest warrior alive.

This game, designed with colourful graphics—with Samuri who looks like a slot version of Maui in animation film Moana—brings Kung Fu Panda to you and makes you feel like the clumsy, lazy, but chosen Po. Although in this game, warriors are not meant to be lazy and inept for Hanzo, unlike Master Shifu, has no patience for sloths.


One unique aspect of this fun-filled, animated work of art is Dojo’s Rooftop slot. This feature allows players to hit the exciting bonus feature and earn even more wild reels and free spins. Although the battle is for the fearless, warriors do not fight alone. Enjoy the game with your team of Samurai, Ninja, Sumo, and Fan Fighter, plus an arsenal effective enough to overpower all foes on your way to becoming the ultimate warrior.

Released on August 23, 2018, and built on a proprietary HTML5 client framework, iSENSE2.0+, Hanzo’s Dojo offers a hitch-free gaming experience, a game resolution of 16:9 which is supported on the desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

Jonas Strandman, Yggdrasil Head of Slots, has this to say about Hanzo’s Dojo:

“Besides the stylish artwork, the coolest part of the game is Hanzo’s unique mini-slot that offers players a host of bonuses including wild reels and mini-games plus extra features and free spins. This adds an extra layer of fun and can turn dead spins into profitable ones in the blink of an eye. We’re sure this will be a game mechanic that will get people coming back for more.”

Hanzo’s Dojo is an engaging and full of action for sure. It’s got boosters which allow you to get nice individual bonuses. The boosts, in turn, make the game even more fun alongside adding value to it. In summary, Hanzo’s Dojo, when it comes to gameplay, navigation, and functionality, is a combination of two earlier Yggdrasil productions: Nirvana and Lucha Maniacs. What you should not expect, however, is any breathtaking wins or massive payouts. However, you can be sure that it is a mid-sized volatile slot with a 3000X maximum win—a margin on the low side. For now, let’s appreciate how much fun it is to play. Keep your fingers crossed though: it’s Yggdrasil, so whether it pays to play Hanzo’s Dojo remains to be seen.

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