Malta Gambling Authority (MGA)


The MGA is to Malta as GRA is to Gibraltar. Likewise, there are dozens of gaming authorities. So, there is undoubtedly the issue of making the right choice. Even though choice differs, if you are looking to own a license that defines fairness and quality then you should consider the MGA. As expected, the MGA is your ticket into Malta. Although a small country with less than a hundred thousand people, Malta is one of the major hubs of land-based and online gambling. The MGA does have its perks. Indeed, if you are looking to tap into the European market, then the MGA offers you a huge advantage.

Types of license

The MGA offers different kinds of permits to applicants. So, before you send your application, it is necessary that you know what they offer. This will also help you make the right choice that would suit your business. For example, they issue out a different type of license for a company that involves sports betting. Likewise, the license issued for online casinos is also separate. Therefore, let’s take a look at the four types of license:

  • Class/Type 1: if the gambling platform is such that the outcome is based on a predetermined issue using a random number generator. Online casinos that will feature such games like Poker; Roulette; Baccarat; Blackjack etc. qualify to receive this license.
  • Type 2: This class of license is open to users that feature games that are based on true events. This is typical of online sports betting wherein players bet against a fixed odd about the outcome of an event.
  • Type 3: This license is for the promoters. If you are planning on running an affiliate program, then this class of consent is the most suitable. The license holder in this regards generates revenue based on commission.
  • Type 4: this class of license is for remote gaming operators. The license is usually issued to software developers such as NetEnt; Microgaming etc.

Practices and Reputation

The methods of the MGA is in line with its aim to protect the interest of players by ensuring that operators stick with the rules of engagement.  Most times, the rules are great. However, many regulators fail to monitor/audit their license holders, and that is one of the major issues.

Contact information

While the MGA is based in Malta, intending applicants, as well as layers who wish to get in touch, can do that via some channels.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +35625469191; +3562546900
  • Fax: +35621446950

Casinos with an MGA License

Without a doubt, online casinos that have a license from the MGA are bound to treat players fairly. We are not saying that they are perfect. However, we are saying that when issues arise, your interest as a player is always protected. So, here is a list of some top online casinos that will grant you this protection:

  • Guts Casino
  • All British Casino
  • White Bet
  • Slotty Vegas Casino
  • Betsafe casino
  • Frank Casino

best casino sites 2019Closing thoughts

Finally, MGA is a reputable license. If you can go through the stress of getting the license, then you should be able to live by the rules.



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