Responsive Design 2019


Why a Responsive Design Is Important

Speed, beauty, accessibility etc are some of the basic features that make a design responsive. Likewise, having a responsive design that can work on mobile phones and tablets is necessary in order to meet up with the competition. To achieve a responsive design, there is also a need for software developers to be wary of using huge graphics and flash videos. Such designs are usually cool. However, they also require very fast internet connections, consume lots of data, may not work properly on all PCs and as well mobile phone compatibility can also be a major challenge. Therefore a responsive design should be fast in loading, should be easy on the eyes. It should also be easy to navigate and still maintain its quality. Read our review to see how the new 2019 brands are doing here.

What makes a design responsive?

Software developers: In as much as the game operators are in charge of the website design, the software providers are in charge of the quality of games which also include its speed.  Likewise, with the advancement in mobile technology, the need for mobile compatible games is now a necessity.

Graphics: Whether it’s the demo version or the real game, it is very important that it loads very fast. When the graphics are too techy, the speed is usually slow and vice versa.

Simple layout: Simplicity works for all ages. A site should have a layout that is easy to understand and use. It should have menus that are easy to navigate.

Attractive: as much as simplicity is important in a responsive design, it should also be attractive. Remember, the goal is to keep a player’s attention on a site long enough to come back.

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