Dutch Gambling Authority


Dutch Gaming Authority (NGA)

Whether you chose to call it the Netherlands Gambling Authority (NGA) or the Dutch Gambling Authority, they are both the same. Although the Dutch have been in the business of gambling as far back as the 17th century, it was only in 2012 that the Dutch Gaming Authority was set up. Admittedly, there was a need for a body that will oversee the affairs of all gambling-related activities within the shores of the country. Hence, the Dutch Gaming Authority was set up to issue licenses to interested persons who wish to set up casino gaming; poker; sports betting and the likes in the country. The aim of the Dutch Gambing Authority was mere to:

  • Prevent illegal gambling; gambling crime and addition
  • Inform and protect the interest of customers
  • Regulate the legal supply of gambling-related services

A little about the history of gambling in the Netherlands

The history of gambling in the Netherlands dates as far as the country itself. Although they don’t seem to be anywhere near some top gambling nations at present, the Dutch were the first to set up a regulatory body way back in 1726. Back then, the Dutch national state lottery called ‘Staatsloterij’ was one of the first ever in the world. Afterwards, this transited to the formation of ‘College van Toezicht op Kansspelen’ which was founded as an independent regulatory body in 1996. Finally, the current transition led to the formation of the current Dutch Gaming Authority of the present day. While there is still a lot more to come especially in terms of remote gambling, the Dutch Gaming Authority currently oversees all gambling-related activities in the country. Similarly, the Dutch Gaming Authority issue out a license to cover events that include:

  • Slot games
  • Fixed odds, sports betting, live betting
  • Casino games
  • Bingo

Certainly, there are both financial and legal requirements before the Dutch Gambing authority issues out any license. At present, they issue out various classes or types of licenses that includes Non-recurring grants; Multi-year license; Single license; Operating license; Non-remote general betting operating license; Gaming machine license and Remote gambling license. The remote gambling is currently not available.

Remote gambling

Yes, this is one aspect that a lot of Dutch casino lovers have been waiting for. Even though they can access other remote online casinos that do not have any license from the Dutch Gambing authority, there is no doubt that it feels better when they can play from online casinos that have that regulation. Likewise, the Senate has already approved a bill to that effect in February 2019. So, sooner than later, we are expecting the ban on remote gambling to be lifted. Indeed, this will open the Dutch gaming atmosphere to a lot of new opportunities.

Summing up the Dutch Gaming Authority

Finally, at this pace, there is no doubt that the Dutch Gambing Authority will soon embrace remote gaming. This means that Dutch players can enjoy their favourite best casino sites online with the full backing of the NGA. Meanwhile, the NGA has done so well over the years in providing a safe, secure and fair gaming environment for players.

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