Danish Gambling Authority

About the Danish Gambling Authority

If you are looking to expand your coverage, the Danish gaming environment presents you with another opportunity. All you have to do is take permission from the Danish Gaming Authority. The Danish Gaming Authority oversees every gambling-related activity in the country. So, while they might be new, they are currently moving at a breakneck pace. However, the fact that the Danish Gambling Authority allows players to enjoy their favourite online casinos freely without any restrictions renders it somewhat irrelevant. Certainly, there is no need securing the DGA when you could have access to players from Denmark even with a Curacao license.  Also, the state still enjoys a huge presence in gambling. Surely, this has to change to allow more online and offline casinos in the country.

The history of the Danish Gambling Authority

The history of gambling in Denmark does not in any way reflect in its current state. The DGA should be at the front position in the world of gambling. That’s because they were in the business of gambling a very long time ago. However, it was only in 2012 that the Danish Gaming Authority began to issue licenses to online casinos.

Meanwhile, land-based casinos still enjoy a major presence till date. The Danish Gambling Authority issued more licenses to offline casinos including the seven land-based casinos in the whole of Denmark. Currently, the Danish Gaming Authority is open to business to both offline and online vendors of gambling-related activities. However, as already mentioned, it is quite rare to see any online casino with a license from the Danish Gaming Authority.


Types of license

Since 2010 till date, there have been a few changes in the Danish Gambling Act. For example, the Danish gambling market is still not entirely open for everyone. Above all, the lottery option is currently out of reach. However, the Danish Gaming Authority offers its license to anyone who wishes to embark in other gambling-related services. There are two major classes or types of license:

  • Online gambling licenses: This is further divided into the online casino license and the betting license. The betting license of more or less for land-based betting activities.
  • Land-based gambling: This is also divided into two types. There is casino license as well as another license that is limited only to the gaming machines.

As of 2018, there was a little amendment in the gambling act which saw the liberation of some additional betting activities such as horse racing; dog racing, etc. Hence, we are hopeful that there will be more liberation with time. Meanwhile, online licenses are valid for five years while offline licenses are valid for ten years.

Closing thoughts

At present, the Danish Gaming Authority does not feature among the top licenses in the world of online gambling. At present, most online casinos are not a fan of the Danish Gaming Authority. The fact that they can do without the DGA offers them that luxury. Meanwhile, players from Denmark are free to play from any online casino and mobile casino. Hence, there is not much to offer from the Danish Gaming Authority at present.

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