Curacao e-Gaming

Overview of Curacao eGaming

Until 2010, Curacao was one of the six Netherland Antilles Islands. At present, Curacao forms a part of the greater Netherlands. However, they are not a part of the EU. They do enjoy the benefits of being in the EU without officially being a part of the EU. Indeed, this explains why Curacao is a popular destination for several companies. Likewise, the Curacao eGaming License is a top choice following its low rates and application demands. Also, Curacao eGaming happens to be one of the oldest in the world of online gambling. Since 1996, this regulatory body has been a top provider of regulatory compliance among several top brands. Even more, the services of the Curacao eGaming is not limited by borders. Hence, companies from all over the world take advantage of the low tax rates to get the Curacao eGaming License.

Services Offered by Curacao eGaming

curacao-egaming-badgesSince inception, the Curacao eGaming has provided qualified applicants with IP (information provider) and eGaming Licenses of various forms. Today, applicants can get any of the following packages:

  • Global IP Compliance Services
  • Hosting and Colocation
  • Curacao eGaming
  • Authorized Fiduciary services
  • Banking Assistance
  • Payment Processing
  • Private and Public clouds
  • Backoffice Support
  • Administrative and legal services

Indeed, the Curacao egaming offers lots of professional services. In the end, they are responsible for ensuring that all license holders maintain proper integrity and conduct.

The Application Guideline

One of the primary reasons why the CURACAO eGaming license is popular is because the application process is quite simple. Firstly, they only offer one type of license. This covers all the activities of the license holder. The events include all forms of interactive gaming like the lottery; sports betting, casinos etc.  The Curacao eGaming license can be secured by following these simple steps:

  • The first step is to indicate interest by sending an application.
  • The applicant shall provide all the necessary information as required. Afterwards, the report shall be reviewed before the application can proceed.
  • Furthermore, applicants must submit the completed IP application request form along with other relevant documents via email, courier or in person.
  • The application team will only commence on processing the application upon receiving proof of payment.
  • In case of approval, applicants must make all the necessary payments before the license is finally issued.
  • Finally, periodic compliance audit is conducted from time to time to ensure compliance from license holders.

Reputation and Trust

So far, many online casinos with poor reputations are most often than not regulated by the Curacao eGaming license. There have been issues of unresolved disputes and several other player complaints. Another major concern is that many of the online casinos that have this license somehow can accept players from the UK even without a UK license. We always list what affiliates have in terms of a license.

best casino sites 2019Final Remarks

Of course, there will always be two sides of a coin. If you are looking for a cheap and easy license, this is a good option. However, they do have reputation issues that may also affect your business. A great brand that has the curacao support behind it is Split Aces Casino.

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