Best Casino Sites 2022 – The One and only Guide

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Top 5 Best Casino Sites 2022

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best casino sites 2022

The “best casino sites 2022” can be a fantasy unless you understand and pay close attention to what it truly means. With the release of more casino sites each passing day, the need to understand the difference between a regular casino site and one that qualifies to be tagged among the best is a necessity. It could change everything about your gaming experience particularly if you fall in the wrong hands.

Hence, whether you are new to the industry or you’ve got years of experience playing casino games, the first step to a successful gaming experience is selecting the best casino sites to play. In recent years, this is increasingly becoming difficult. Several questions come to mind, what makes a casino suitable for you to play? What features count? Who should I trust? Answers to these questions and many others are key to finding the best casino sites.

In the ensuing sections, we shall take you through a journey. Guide you on how to locate the best casino sites in the UK without having to sweat over it.

How to find the Best Casino Sites 2022 in the UK

Sticking with the mainstream brands is one of the easiest routes to follow but that takes away the fun of exploring and enjoying the many benefits that come with new casinos. However, most top online casinos from reputable operators continue to maintain that high standard to keep their reputation intact and pave way for their new casinos.

Hence, you can as well do your search to find the best casino sites. Whether you are leaving the job and relying on other review sites for help or you are going about this all on your own, certain critical features come into play when searching for the best casino sites.

What makes these casinos stand out from the rest?

User experience

Most online casinos pay so much attention to the first impression about their website. The overall design, graphics, arrangement of games and other relevant information, the position of the banners displaying the welcome bonus, the ease of navigation and many more. Truth is, when you see a beautiful and well-organized casino, you will know it. Certainly, that sets you in motion to begin to explore other features. Other questions about user experience include loading speed on PC and mobile phones or mobile apps. Surely, the best casino sites have a way to get your attention with amazing designs.

Bonuses and bonus type

There is hardly any online casino that does not offer a welcome bonus. Even more, most online casinos are packed with generous welcome bonuses and several other promotions to spice up the initial welcome offer. However, a juicy bonus is not what makes a casino great. Rather, the type of bonus, as well as the overall quality relative to what is expected of you in return, is what counts.

Most regular online casinos go for the obvious and enticing welcome bonus that will promise players thousands of cash bonuses and hundreds of extra spins on their first deposit. However, what they don’t tell you is whether the bonus is sticky or not.

It is usually sticky and that only marks the beginning of your problem. Your original deposit is immediately stuck with the bonus, coupled with the usual huge wagering requirements. There is no way back once you are stuck on this one. On the other hand, the best casino sites go for not too flamboyant but reasonable non-sticky bonuses which will make your life a lot easier in the long run.


The best casino sites are those that keep up with recent innovations and trends. Certainly, you don’t want to get stuck in a casino that still uses HTML 4 when HTML 5 is there to make your user experience a lot better. Best casinos sites are innovative brands that keep up with innovative trends always.

Proper licensing

The keyword here is “proper”. Just because a casino displays the badge of the UKGC or any other prestigious license doesn’t make it the real deal. A proper license is a sign of compliance and offers a sense of safety, assurance and security.

For example, the UKGC license is not one of those you get by just clicking online and submitting some forms and documents. First, it is expensive. Even more, the verification process is quite rigorous and takes a lot of time. This is why UKGC licensed casinos have a reputation to protect and usually make the list of best casino sites to play. Find the link to UKGC below where you can read all you need to know about finding a fully-licensed online casino.

UK Gambling Commission (link will open in a new window)

Brand reputation and recognition

The online gambling industry is currently flooded with many operators, game developers and thousands of online casinos. However, some operators and developers have distinguished themselves over the years continuously and consistently delivering the best games and casinos. The best casino sites come from the best brands and feature the best games. Certainly, you want to consider that as you search for the best casino sites.

Reviews and comments

When people visit an online casino, they always want to share their experiences. So far, many sites offer reviews about online casinos presenting a list of the best casino sites as well as the ones you should stay away from. This is the easiest way to find the best casino sites. That’s because the job has been done for you and all you need to do is compare the results from different websites and make your decision.

Games and software

Players have their list of favourite games and software developers. Live dealers, slots, poker games, blackjack, roulette games and even sports betting. Not many online casinos can offer all of these in one place. even more, not many can offer a good number. While all of these matter, what matters, even more, is the quality of the games as well as the developer behind them. You can enjoy several slot games from different developers but if NetEnt slots are missing completely, then that’s a problem. So, depending on your preference in terms of game type and developers, a proper check is necessary.

What are the Best Casino Sites 2022?

best casino sites 2022The best casino sites, in general, are those that take into consideration all the standout features that provide players with the best gaming experience. Certainly, these are the same features that you must consider before selecting an online casino in the first place. While we have simplified how you can select the best casino sites, it is important to reiterate what counts.

  • A great design
  • Excellent customer support
  • Proper license
  • Adaptation for mobile gaming
  • Quality bonuses and promotions
  • Maximum security and safety

So far, dozens of casinos meet most of these requirements and are considered the best casino sites. While some of these casinos are already available, many others are brand new casinos launched to usher you into 2022 in a grand style. Some of the best betting casino sites in the UK include:

Duelz Casino

Featuring more than 600 of the finest games from the best developers, this casino site offers you a variety spiced with quality. You get a simple, quality welcome bonus to get you started with many promotions to keep you in the game. Certainly, this is one of the best casino sites for players in the UK to enjoy some quality gaming experience.

CasiGo Casino

One of the very popular and big names in the UK, CasiGo Casino offers an all-around gaming experience that includes regular casino games like slots, live dealers, table games as well as sports betting. If you are looking to cash out big then you can try out the progressive jackpot on this platform.

Playluck Casino

Another name that has proven to be among the best casino sites over time, this platform integrates state-of-the-art live dealers to provide an unbelievable gaming experience to players. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy other quality games like slots, blackjack and poker as well as other Playluck casino exclusive games. The support team is super-efficient and there are lots of payment options.

Best Casino Sites 2022 Trends for Online Gambling

More than ever, 2021 has been a fantastic year crowned with a series of transformations in the online gaming industry. The fact that a lot of people turned to online gaming coupled with the series of tech advancements that have repositioned the industry means that 2022 can only get better. With signs of what to expect already in place, many new casino sites have commenced the integration of the latest tech trends that will change the way we play games.

While there are so many things to expect, here is an overview of what matters and will make a huge difference for online gambling in the coming year.

Smartwatches to step in

Smartwatches are constantly gaining recognition as the new smart companions. With several android smartwatches packed with HTML 5 browsers, massive RAM and ROM, HD screens and cameras with massive resolutions as well as stock Android software, it won’t come as a surprise to see that many casino sites adapt to smartwatches.

It is all about the players, giving them what they want and placing bets on smartwatches is another means that offer easy access anywhere and anytime. Certainly, this will be huge and only the best casino sites can be up for the challenge.

A decline in land-based casinos

While this is up for contest, there is no doubt that there is a global decline in land-based casinos with the influx of new online casinos. Of course, you can’t take away the glitz and glamour that comes with land-based casinos, having to dress the part and enjoy fine champagne. Well, with online casinos, you don’t have t dress the part or travel thousands of miles to Las Vegas or Macau just to play poker. You can play the same game and enjoy an almost similar experience from the comfort of your living room. That is what online casinos are all about and with several best casino sites owning up to the challenge, the decline will most likely continue in 2022.

Integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology has become very popular in recent times and it takes the center stage in most financial transactions across the globe. Users can go about their businesses (carry out transactions) without the need for verification from a central authority. Now that’s a big feature that is missing out in most online casinos as players constantly crave privacy as they go about their gambling business.

Even more, the integration of crypto among the best casino sites offers security as players no longer have to disclose relevant banking and personal information that could be used against them. Certainly, we look forward to more best casino sites offering a variety of crypto options for deposits and withdrawals in 2022.

AR and VR Gaming

While this tech is still at its early stages, many best casino sites are currently employing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to transform completely the scope of gaming. With VR, the experience is different. You can see yourself sitting at a table with a live croupier, playing poker with other players from across the world.

Certainly, this is only possible when you get the accompanying wearable device which is currently not cheap at the moment. The same is for AR which provides an even better immersive experience. Certainly, with all of these innovations and trends, 2022 is going to be different in the entire gaming industry and only the best casino sites can be prepared for what is to come.

best casino sites uk 2022

Rundown of what to expect from 2022 & Gambling

The gambling industry to date is one of the major beneficiaries of improved technology. This is evident in the improvement seen in many online casinos. From improved live dealer games to the integration of crypto payment options, application of AR and VR in casino games, smarter ways to play from mobile phones and even smartwatches. All of these are the current trends and this is expected to continue in the coming year. Certainly, expectations are hitting the roof already as we look forward to the launch of several best casino sites in 2022.

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